A Detailed Psychic Source Review

Psychic source is a slick, reputable and professional website that can offer useful insights and solace into personal issues. The site has been around for more than 20 years now, meaning that their experience has resulted in better quality readings. They offer these readings through the phone, and recently began offering psychic chat readings. New clients can benefit from free reading via email. The readers in this site have different skills ranging from numerology, tarot, astrology, spirit guides, dream interpretation and so on. Below is a detailed psychic source review.

At psychicsource.com, the customer service offered is second to none. As is the case with most psychic websites, they offer a satisfaction guarantee on their readings. Unlike many other sites that simply offer a user another reading, psychic source gives money refunds. The customer service staff and receptionists are quite nice and friendly. If a user is unable to decide which reader to go for, they will help him or her. Their psychics are very caring and friendly, as well as being quite good at what they do. This is good especially when someone is calling about a personal matter.

The screening process carried out by psychic source is quite rigorous. Since the site has been around for so long, they can afford to be choosy on who they employ. They have a rather tough screening process whereby only about 5% of those who apply make it through. Each new applicant has to undergo between 3 and 4 readings, together with interviews with staff members and their top psychic. The site plans to introduce a new recruitment process whereby their top customers will participate in screening of new psychics.

Psychic source recently updated their website. It now looks better and much easier to navigate. In addition, they have added a unique and interesting new feature whereby a user can choose the reader’s personality style. These styles range from direct to compassionate, wise, thoughtful and expressive. There is also a certain category of readers who can assist with loss related and grieving issues, which can turn out to be quite helpful.

There are other notable features. If a user’s chosen reader is busy, then he/she can ask for a call back. The user can also view the number of other users waiting before him/her for the psychic. Users can find more about each psychic on his/her page, together with their schedule. Many readers have an audio message that users can listen to and get a feel of them. Also, adding funds to an account is quite simple, as users can pay using most debit and credit cards.

There are lots of feedback and testimonials on psychicsource.com. While most of them range between good and excellent, there are occasional less favorable ones. All in all, this can be expected and helps users feel the reviews are genuine. Additionally, users can search for readers based on subject matter, area of expertise, tools or the method of contact in which readings are offered. If a user is not looking for particular type of reader or psychic, they can browse based on price, current availability or ratings.